My Services

Food Styling

Special plates, cutleries, decorations, backgrounds and other food styling props… I’ve been obsessively collecting them for many years. I am the proud owner of lots of rustic, vintage-style props and also like natural, wooden backdrops and tabletops. My food styling is intended to make scenes look cosy and natural. All my food on the pictures are edible so my clients usually enjoy shooting with me 🙂 This is my personal style, which of course I set aside if I am commissioned by a client that prefers a different way of styling.

Food Photography

There’s nothing I love more than bringing images of a tasty food to life and using it to tell a story. Light, light, light…I love natural light. Hence, most of my pictures are captured in daylight and influenced by natural light.
Whether it is a commercial photography project, a photoshoot in a cosy café, or photograph images for a cookbook or photos for a cookbook or magazine, I put all my creativity and passion into each of my client’s projects.

Recipe Development

Ever since I can remember, cooking and baking have been huge passions of mine. I love to experiment and create new recipes and watch people enjoy the results. 🙂 Most of the food I make is based on healthy ingredients but I have some good-old favourites that contain lots of white flour and sugar. I really like creating easy-to-make dishes for everyday and spice them up a little bit, but I certainly enjoy experimenting with difficult recipes as well. So, be my guest and try out my recipe development skills! 🙂

Gastro Marketing

My seven years of experience in marketing enables me to help food businesses create an effective marketing strategy. My background in marketing also stands in good stead when styling and shooting for commercial use.
Here I am, I would like to help your business grow and stand out from the crowd!