About Me

Hello, happy to see you here!

I am Agnes Chvojka – don’t worry, sometimes I can’t even pronounce my name:)) I am a Hungarian freelance food stylist, food photographer and gastro marketing specialist, based in Dublin.

My passion for food started a very long time ago when I was around 10 or 11 years old, standing in the kitchen with my mom, who is the best cook on Earth (at least to me she is:)). Baking, cooking, and creating exciting recipes have been my favourite hobbies ever since.

Working for several FMCG food brands gave me 7 years of experience in marketing management. I’ve developed and launched many food and drink brands into the Hungarian market, and later into the Irish market after moving to Dublin in 2011. My devotion to this field was tremendous because of its connection with food and gastronomy, but soon I realized I wanted to take it further. This experience enables me now to see different aspects while styling and shooting commercial material.

That’s why I decided to follow my heart down this beautiful new path and turn my hobby and passion into a career. Please take a look at my portfolio and contact me if my work and style is what you are looking for! I styled and shot all of the photos, and most of the food is based on my own recipes.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Aggie  xxx

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